Contributing Photographers

The fStop Foundation works with photographers from around the world that help us fulfill our mission.  All photographers agree to contribute only photographs that conform to our ethical standards.  We are proud and honored to have not only our adult Contributing Photographers, but also our Student Contributing Photographers.

Meet our Contributing Photographers:


David Bates

David is a passionate photographer specializing in wildlife and landscape photography.  He has lived in Florida for over 35 years, where he was instilled with a love of wildlife and nature. Once known for his fanaticism in eliminating items from his backpack to ensure he was carrying as little weight as possible on his treks to the summits to Kilimanjaro and Mt. Rainier, his non-stop South Rim to North Rim to South Rim hikes of the Grand Canyon and his hikes throughout our country’s many National Parks, he is now known for carrying nearly 40 pounds of camera equipment wherever he believes it is necessary to capture a special moment.  You can see more of David’s pictures at




Ursula Dubrick

Ursula is an award winning, internationally published wildlife photographer residing in east central Florida.  Her passion for photographing wildlife takes her to various locations all over Florida, as well as Africa, India, Canada, and Alaska.  Her research in the behavior of her subjects has resulted in her capturing some very dynamic and unusual images.  Ursula’s unique wildlife photographs capture critical moments of action and interaction that most casual obververs of wildlife never see.  You can see more of Ursula’s pictures at





Raymond Gehman

Raymond has worked for the National Geographic Society for over 25 years, traveling and photographing the world.  He has been awarded three Nat Geo cover photographs and has published numerous book covers, books, and magazine articles.   His photographs have been featured in seven Nat Geo magazine articles and he has also done over a dozen single-photographer Nat Geo books including “Yellowstone to Yukon”.  Raymond is also one of our instructors.  You can see more of Raymond’s pictures as well as get information on the tours that he leads around the world at



Scott Goldman

Scott Goldman is an award willing filmmaker. As a seasoned producer, director, and editor for networks such as ION Television, Lifetime Network, and TBN his work has as much depth and variety as the networks with which he has worked. He especially loves work that involves nature as well as human nature. This is what brings him and his company LHP Media to work along side of the fStop Foundation.  You can learn more about LHP Media at




Marc Serota

Marc-Serota-profile (1) Marc Serota is the Co-founder and the “Dean” of Polaroid University. He is a globally recognized Award Winning photographer who has shot some of the biggest moments in the past 25 years. Serota has shot several Olympic Games, the MTV awards, the World Series, many US Presidents and world leaders, the Victoria Secret fashion shows, Sports Illustrated covers, and even the Pope. He has covered some of the world’s biggest stories like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the 9-11 Al Qaeda Prisoners at camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His travels have taken him on Safaris in Africa and fashion shoots in the Bahamas as well as assignments to Ecuador, the Canadian Rockies, Grenada in the West Indes, Paris, and Germany. He is a contributing photographer to publications such as: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA times, The Boston Globe, The Associated Press, Getty Images, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Golf Magazine and many more.

Serota has won several prestigious awards in travel and news photography such as The NPPA National Press Photography Award of Excellence, The Missouri School of Journalism Picture of the Year International Awards, and more. As an instructor, Serota has taught at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, NOVA University,  and has conducted workshops, lectures, and photography classes all over the world. His workshops include places such as West Palm Beach, Cologne, Canada, Brazil, Miami, the Florida Everglades, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Some of his environmental work includes an assignment for Greenpeace photographing whale conservation efforts in Dominica, an investigative feature for the LA Times on the “Drought of Lake Okeechobee”, and coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill for Getty Images.  Marc is also one of our instructors.  You can see more of Marc’s images at



Marius Swart

Marius Swart

Marius is co-owner of Cleary Africa, a company that provides privately guided safaris in South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.  Since 1992 Marius has been passionately sharing the splendours of nature with friends and strangers alike.  With a penchant for walking safaris he developed a sense of awareness and pace, which provides for an experience of being observers rather than participants in Nature’s flow of events. Considering himself a generalist, as his interests are as divergent as nature itself, he thrives in discovering new wild-places and piecing together the components which drives their cycles. Preferring small groups of guests and quiet concessions has led him to some spectacular and unknown regions where interpretation occur as impromptu and un-orchestrated as the events and behaviour displayed by the wildlife observed.  Marius enjoys photography, adventure motorcycling and flying as hobbies when he isn’t “working”.  You can see more of Marius’ pictures at



William Freund

DSC_5136William is passionate about photography and the environment which is what encouraged him to help create the fStop Foundation.  A native of El Salvador who now resides in Florida, he strongly believes that humans are interlocked with nature and that the positive use of photography can help bring about an increase awareness in conservation.  His photographs have been published on line as well as in several newsletters although what makes him the happiest is when his wife Amy likes one of his shots enough to hang it in their home!  You can see more of his pictures at




Student Contributing Photographers

Max Freund

Max began his photography journey at the age of 9 while on safari in South Africa.  Since then he has developed a passion for photography, especially capturing nature.  Max also enjoys shooting for his school’s newspaper and yearbook, photographing charity 5ks, and running his photobooth business.  You can see more of Max’s pictures at




Alexa Redlich

ALEXA BIOAlexa has been passionate about photography ever since her first photography class in 6th grade. Her love for photography and traveling is always growing. She has received many awards, including Pinnacle Visual Arts Award, The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens Birds Contest, many Scholastic Art Awards, and more. She loves that photography gives her the ability to either create or capture a beautiful moment for others to enjoy.