Remote Camera Program

From the Greater Everglades to South Africa, remote cameras have proven to be a powerful tool to help conservation.

They are non-invasive to the wildlife and provide important data that scientist can use as well as powerful images and video content that help tell our stories.


Learn more about our Remote Camera Program by visiting each of our three areas of work below:

Our network of remote cameras spans over half of the Florida peninsula with cameras deployed from US41 (Tamiami Trail) to areas in the Lake Wales Ridge.


With the help of Yellowstone Forever we have been able to support the Yellowstone Cougar Project which is run by Yellowstone National Park.


Wild Tomorrow Fund operates in South Africa and utilizes remote cameras for several different purposes including monitoring hyena dens.

Want to learn how to get started with remote cameras?

Check out the link below to visit our resource page including a link to where you can purchase the same high quality dependable equipment we use!