Remote Camera Program

Our remote cameras are currently deployed in the Greater Everglades ecosystem, specifically in Southwest Florida.  We utilize these cameras to generate images and video content that is then utilized in our other programs like our Community Outreach and Conservation in Focus programs.

A typical Nikon DSLR set up will include:

  • 1 Nikon D3200 (24mpix)
  • 3 Nikon SB-28 flashes
  • 1 Camtraptions PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor
  • 1 Camtraptions wireless transmitter and 3 wireless receivers
  • 1 weather resistant box for the camera and three for the flashes
  • Multiple tripods
  • Multiple locks

These cameras are deployed 100% of the time with our team servicing the batteries and camera cards on a regular basis.

Nikon DSLRs Deployed
Sony Video Cameras Deployed
Moultrie Trail Cameras Deployed
Rechargeable Batteries Deployed

Why your donations matter:

For every remote camera we deploy our geographical coverage increases giving us more knowledge and information.

Each remote camera gives us content not only about panthers, but also all of the other species that fall under their "umbrella".

Your donations will allow us to purchase equipment that will last for years while being out in the field 365 days each year.

If you donate a complete camera system we will send you regular messages which will include the images generated by "your" camera.

Help us reach our $2,000.00 goal to be able to deploy one more high quality remote camera and flashes!