Wild Tomorrow Fund
is a critical
Conservation Partner!

They operate in South Africa and use remote cameras for several key projects

Remote Camera Programs in South Africa

Black Rhino Conservation

 When Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s Black Rhino Monitor, Kelsey Leeming, reached out in need of camera traps to help monitor close to 100,000 hectares (almost 250,000 acres!) of wild land – fStop Foundation & Wild Tomorrow Fund were happy to lend a helping hand!

Leopard Survey

Our scientists in South Africa are committed to conservation-focused and meaningful in situ field research. Working in areas of high biodiversity and endangered vegetation types, our ecologists use scientific research to guide conservation management and aid in species recovery programs.

Pangolin Conservation

While the pangolin’s situation is dire in most of its range across Africa and Asia, in our region of South Africa we are delighted to share positive news for pangolins! Read more about their successful reintroduction to northern KwaZulu-Natal where they were previously locally extinct.