Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach efforts are divided into two programs:


Florida Panther Conservation Program

Why do we need to conserve the Florida panther?  As the saying goes, if we can save the panther, we can save Florida.

Photographer Mac Stone works to photograph the Snail Kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus), formerly known as Everglades Snail Kite, in Eagle Bay along the north side of Lake Okeechobee near the inflow of the Kissimmee River. The Snail Kite is an Endangered Species in the US, listed in 1967. Lake Okeechobee is the largest lake in Florida, seventh largest lake in the United States and second largest lake (behind Lake Michigan) entirely within the United States. The marsh in Eagle Bay has been restored by removing polutant rich muck from the bottom. As a result, natural vegetaion has returned and the habitat has improved for snail kites and their favorite food, apple snails.

Conservation Photography Grants

We are honored to be able to support some amazing conservation photographers that are dedicating their lives to using photography to create awareness for conservation.