Yellowstone Forever Citizen Scientist Projects

Yellowstone Citizen Scientist Initiative

The Yellowstone Citizen Science Initiative is a collaboration between Yellowstone Forever and Yellowstone National Park.

The fStop Foundation supports Yellowstone Forever's citizen scientist initiative through the donation of much needed equipment that is utilized in the field.


Our latest donations included 16 tablet computers and protective cases that are being utilized to photograph and document important information.  Yellowstone Forever's citizen scientist initiatives include the following programs:

Yellowstone Phenology Project

This program utilizes pitfall traps to collect beetles.

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Red-tailed Hawk Nest Monitoring

Red-tailed hawks are a common raptor which nests across North America. As a common species, changes in their distribution, density, and nesting success may indicate changes in the overall system.

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Invasive Weed Mapping

Invasive weeds have and continue to spread widely across the globe. These non-native plants have the potential to negatively impact the plant community. Yellowstone National Park is monitoring the distribution of 7 weed species

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Yellowstone Pika Project

Pika are a member of the rabbit family that generally live in high elevation rocky areas. Pika are very sensitive to warming temperatures. Yellowstone National Park is interested in monitoring the presence and absence of these animals at historic sites.

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Home On the Range

A historically large bison population has caused immediate concern whether there is home on the range for the most diverse and abundant ungulate and carnivore community in North America. This project is intended to quantify diet selection, spatial occupancy, and thus competition among the charismatic ungulates of Yellowstone National Park.

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