“Fstop is an incredible organization. I hope my children (and their children) grow up able to experience the beauty of our planet and it’s wildlife. Through gorgeous photographs, Fstop educates, and spreads awareness and the message to conserve. I appreciate all they do!” Karen R., Donor


“The F-stop foundations work has taught  and inspired countless students in the art of photography. This hands-on work gave many students, such as myself, a greater appreciation and knowledge on all the key elements that factor into photographing a great and meaningful piece. I will never forget the kindness and patience the instructors had, and will continue to implement all of their wise tips into my work as I continue to grow my skills as a photographer.”  Naomi B, 11th Grade Student, ZooMiami Photo Meetup participant.


“Thank you for the opportunity to expand my photographic knowledge through this camp.” Ben U, NANPA High School Scholarship Program participant


“Thank you so much for contributing to the NANPA High School Scholarship Program. Without your help, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. I can honestly say that I learned more this week than I have in all my years of photography.” Cheyenne Y, NANPA High School Scholarship Program participant.


“I cannot thank you enough for your support of the NANPA High School Scholarship Program this year. I had an incredible time and learned so much. Thank you for helping and inspiring the next generation of photographers.” Ethan R, NANPA High School Scholarship Program participant.


“Being a contributing photographer for Fstop Foundation has been an incredible experience. It’s the place where my passion and service merge. I am able to share my photography and through it, my love and respect for our environment and its wildlife. I hope that I am able to inspire others to appreciate and conserve our amazing world.” Alexa R., Student Contributing Photographer


Video Testimonials