Florida Panther Citizen Science Project

Our Citizen Science program allows us to engage volunteers in producing data that helps us show the importance of the panther as an umbrella species.

The Florida panther is known as an umbrella species.  This means that if we ensure the survival of the panthers and protect the necessary lands for this, there are many other species that will also be protected that live in that same area.

Enjoy the images below that illustrate many of the other species that are protected under the panther's "umbrella".

Our Citizen Scientist volunteers help us by:

Servicing our cameras in the field by changing batteries and replacing data cards.

Sorting the images generated by the cameras and extracting the usable images.

Determining the types and quantities of species in the usable images and inputting that data into workable formats.

If you would like to volunteer as a citizen scientist, please contact us!